Coolest Experiential Marketing Campaigns Branded Events

Work events are really hit or missed. How many times have you felt anxious with a paper napkin in the corner of a comfortable working hour? That's why I'm not only relieved, but also surprised and delighted, while attending a holiday party featuring an interactive live interactive gaming version. The entire room has been curated to look like a video game setting, and people dress like characters from it. There's a gigantic scoreboard, real, irregular electronic music, and best of all, no boring little chats.

branded events

Not just a tired work event, it is an experience. And in our field of work, that sort of thing has a name: Experiential marketing. While a surprising number of people have never heard of the concept, this is a big problem - there is a whole three day meeting dedicated to it. And 65% branded events that use it says that it is positively correlated with sales. We found seven of the coolest experience marketing campaigns that really break the way it works. 

According to Marketing 451 based in Boston, experiential marketing is the act of "creating a unique and face-to-face brand experience." Instead of just sending messages to your audience - digitally or otherwise - you create the opportunity to interact with your brand personally. It may sound like marketing brand activation which makes natural experience campaigns tend to be event-centric. But there are also times when they have nothing to do with a particular event, as you'll see from the example we selected. And when the show is centered on the show, they are less dedicated to the kind of event - such as concerts, festivals, conferences, etc. - and focus more on interaction with a particular brand. This campaign can take a unified approach. The ultimate goal is to experience a brand in a real and offline way, but you still want an online dialogue around it. 

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